Bay-Lakes Council - Winter Amidship (WAM)

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Winter Amidship (WAM)

Event Details

Bay-Lakes Council, Boy Scouts of America and the alumni of the Fond du Lac Scouts are proud to invite you to the 46th Winter Amidships (WAM)! This all Scouting event. 

WAM is a 1-day event for Scouts BSA Troops, Venture Crews, Sea Scout Ships, Career Explorer Posts, Girl Scout/Mariner Troops and American Heritage Girls Units. Youth participants must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America (Troop, Crew, Ship, Team, Post participant), or Girl Scouts-USA, or American Heritage Girls. 

Events include: Compass Relay, Knots, Life-Jacket Relay, First-Aid, International Code Flags, Obstacle Course, Scooter Relay, Heaving Line, Bowing, Tug-of-War and Happy Feet Relay. 

The cost includes all events, dinner, an awards presentation, dance and event patch. Pre-registration is required.

Before registering read the WAM Program Packet 2020 (found under "Attachments", lower right corner) and have the following information ready:
Names of all participants.
Ages and grades of youth participants.
Names of Leaders who have First Aid & CPR certification.
Insurance carrier name and policy number.

When & Where
Save the Date National Guard Armory
Saturday 02-29-2020 8:30 AM CT to 10:30 PM CT
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