Patriots' Path Council - Raritan Valley Webelos & AOL Klondike 904263 or 900263

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Raritan Valley Webelos & AOL Klondike 904263 or 900263

Event Details

Webelos will again be part of the Klondike in 2019.  Webelos from previous Webelos Klondike participants has been extremely positive, gaving the experience a very high rating (3.9 of 4.0).

Cost is per Scout, adult leaders are free.

The Scouts BSA Troop Klondike is an outdoor competition where those older Scouts pull Klondike "dog sleds" to locations around the course where they display various outdoor scout skills.  The Webelos participants are not required to pull a sled, but will have an opportunity to try it.  They will practice similar scout skills, set up as more of a learning experience. 

Registration MUST be by Den minimum 4 Webelos (Female Dens will be accepted provided all Scouts are duly registered.), i.e., individual Scout signups will not be allowed.  If your Pack does not have enough to make a full Klondike Den, we will help match you with other Packs - we don't want anyone left out.  (Provisional Dens will be single gendered.) Two Adult leaders must accompany each Den during the entire event.

When & Where
Alexander Hamilton Elementary School
Saturday 02-02-2019 10:00 AM ET to 2:00 PM ET Past
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