Baltimore Area Council - 2024 Volunteer Training Summit & College of Commissioner Science

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2024 Volunteer Training Summit & College of Commissioner Science

Event Details

2024 VTS & CCS


The Volunteer Training Summit (VTS) and College of Commissioner Science (CCS) are happening together in a new location.  Check out the information at: Volunteer Training Summit

The Volunteer Training Summit is a FUN annual training program to help develop Scouter excellence in the Baltimore Area Council. All registered Scouters are encouraged to attend so that they may better understand the critical role and function of their position in the Scouting program. This program is meant to provide additional training beyond position specific training.

This Scouter training experience is planned to:

PROVIDE Scouters with a full understanding of their mission
OBTAIN a commitment to the success of the mission
HELP develop techniques and tools to help their Units
SUPPLY information necessary to carry out assignments
BUILD morale and fellowship in the Scouting community through networking with other Scouters

These results are achieved through a broad curriculum of instruction and recognition of achievement by a series of awards.

Attending the Baltimore Area Council VTS satisfies a requirement for the Scouter Training Award and Knot Award.  Scouters who attend the VTS can earn certificates to recognize completion of VTS training levels. 

To access the entire Course Catalog, click Here Coming Soon

When & Where
CCBC Catonsville
Saturday 04-20-2024
8:00 AM ET to 5:00 PM ET Past
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