Crossroads of America Council - Voyageur Fall 2020 (Adult training)

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Voyageur Fall 2020 (Adult training)

Event Details


Out of an abundance of caution and in keeping with the recommendation of Governor Holcomb, the Adult Voyageur course and Paddle Craft Safety re-certification date for the spring of 2020 has been cancelled. In an effort support our adult volunteers and units around the Crossroads Council the Voyageur Program will:

  1. Convert the fall program to be an Adult Program. The Youth Program currently scheduled for September is being replaced with just the Adult program.
  2. Fully refund those who have already registered OR assign their payment to the fall course at the participant’s discretion.
  3. Critically, if there is a unit that feels it needs adult and youth training prior to a trek this summer the Voyageur Program will make every effort to arrange for staff members to assist those individual units at no cost to the unit. Several staff members have volunteered for that effort. The unit will be allowed to rent Voyageur canoes for that purpose as long as a Voyageur Staff member is assisting in that training.
  4. Any questions or requests should be addressed to:
David Bardos
Director, CAC Voyageur Canoe Training Coordinator

Canoe Training & Paddle Craft Safety for Adults


The Voyageur Canoe Training Program was established in the Crossroads of America Council of the Boy Scouts of America following the tragic death of a youth in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in the early 1960s. The youth’s parents and local scout leaders established this program to provide adults and youth training and education in canoe safety and trip planning. The program is designed to reduce the potential of that tragedy being repeated. Through the years the training has been limited to only registered adult scout leaders but is now open to any adult over 18.

Objective:  To prepare adults to take the Voyageur program back to the Troop and conduct safe canoe outings including High Adventure trips. To hold the older boys' interest and keep them active in the Scouting program. To encourage younger boys to earn rank advancement. To provide canoeing adventure for Venture Crews.

See attached flyer for more information.

Paddle Craft Safety Certification - One Day CHALLENGE TESTING

How can you obtain or renew the new BSA Canoe Paddle Craft Safety Certification ?

  1. Adult leaders are encouraged to attend the Voyageur Adult Leader Training program (conducted at Camp Belzer twice each year). All certification requirements (except the swimmer test) are taught during the course, and certification testing is conducted.
  2. Adults who have completed the four-day Voyageur training program may need only return for their fifth (returnee / assistant instructor) day, and pass the written test at the end of the day after a review of material.
  3. Adults who have completed all five days of the Voyageur training program (have obtained the Instructor Arc) within the previous three years (six courses) need only return the second Saturday of a scheduled course, and pass the written test after a review of the material.
  4. Adult leaders and youth members who are confident they can pass the performance and written requirements may "challenge" the test.

See attached flyer for more information.

When & Where
2 Weekends - Aug 29-30 & Sept 12-13
Camp Belzer
Saturday 08-29-2020 6:00 PM ET to
Sunday 08-30-2020 4:00 PM ET Past
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Paddle Craft One Day Challenge Testing (Sept 12)
Camp Belzer
Saturday 09-12-2020
8:00 AM ET to 4:00 PM ET Past
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