Central Florida Council - Riverside District Cub Family Campout 2021

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Riverside District Cub Family Campout 2021

Event Details






October 8-10, 2021


Youth Area of Wickham Park, 2500 Parkway Dr., Melbourne, FL 32935



This is a program paid event (no registration fee). Guests must register online prior to the event. Registration closes on Monday, October 4th. Riverside District offers secure online registration with confirmation.



Wristbands must remain on for the duration of the event and must be worn by all visitors (siblings, parents, etc.) This includes those attending just for the day on Saturday. Wristbands must be worn to enter the ranges on Saturday.



Each Scout will receive an event Patch commemorating their participation with this year’s 2021 Riverside District Howl at the Moon Cub Family Campout. Only guests who register by Monday, October 4th, will be guaranteed a patch. Patches will be distributed at check-out to the unit leader.



For Saturday Flag Ceremonies, Scouts are asked to wear their Field Uniforms (formerly referred to as “Class A”).  During activities on Saturday, Scouts may wear their Activity Uniforms (formerly referred to as “Class B” or Pack T-shirt). Field Uniforms are required for the Flag Ceremony and Interfaith Service on Sunday morning. 



The campout takes place entirely within the Youth Camping Area of Wickham Park, at the rear of the park. The 15-mph speed limit will be strictly enforced, so do not rush, the camp is not moving. There are bathrooms on site, but we will also be bringing in portables to try to avoid long waits. Electricity is available in the pavilion for medical equipment if needed. If you require electricity for medical reasons, please contact the Cub Family Campout Chair, Adam Linsenbardt.



Packs are encouraged to cook as a unit; however, some meal options will be available.

Friday night, Packs are encouraged to create their own cracker barrel in their campsites. The District Committee will be offering free popcorn at the pavilion. Swing on by to say hello!


Saturday lunch is also available from the OA Grill.  The following Meal Deals will be available:

Hot Dogs & Chips - $4.00
Burgers & Chips - $5.00.


Note: Ground fires are not permitted. All cooking fires must be off the ground and using appropriate containment equipment and fuel (no spark emitting wood). Campfires should always be covered and attended by an adult.



Friday Night Arrivals:

⮚      Participant Entrance - The gates to our camping area will open on Friday. Please arrive as early as possible.

⮚      Pack equipment (such as trailers) may be brought to Wickham Park on Thursday between 2-7 pm (pick a time anytime). Only Pack equipment will be allowed to be driven into the park on Thursday and all vehicles must be out of the park by 7 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS.

⮚      Wickham Park Gates - Park Entrance gate closes at dark, but the exit gate stays open until 11:00 (you can enter through here if you are arriving after dark).

⮚      Check-In – Campsite information will be provided on the website prior to your arrival, so you will have a general knowledge of where you will be camping. However, when you arrive you will be directed to a check-in station to get your campsite information and wristbands. While we will do our best to check folks in efficiently, you may find yourself waiting briefly in line – we appreciate your patience. We will have traffic assistants to guide you to your parking spot. All in-camp roadways are closed.

⮚      Once you are directed to your campsite, you will unload your camping equipment and prior to setting up your campsite, you will be directed to move your vehicle to the designated parking spaces. Then continue setting up your tent, etc. Please keep your areas compact as we have some large packs attending and we want to keep all of the scouts with their packs. The campsite size depends on the number of people registered on time for each pack.


Saturday Arrivals:

⮚      Check-In - Please check in at the main gate of the Youth Area between 6:30 and 8:00 am. Flag ceremony starts promptly at 8:30 and a lot of folks will be checking in, so please arrive


⮚      Campers - If you have camping equipment to take to your campsite on Saturday, we suggest that you have it brought in on Friday. If you're unable to do this, we suggest that you plan on bringing your equipment into camp on a wagon. No vehicles will be allowed into camp on Saturday.



⮚      Speed limit for all of Wickham Park is 15 mph – this can & will be enforced by Melbourne Police!

⮚      Handicapped parking will be designated as the first row immediately adjacent to the pedestrian bridge where you enter the Youth Area. If you need special assistance, please let us know.

⮚      If an emergency arises that necessitates leaving camp early, please contact the First Aid Station.

⮚      No bicycles or motorized vehicles of any kind will be permitted in the Youth Area during the event (including but not limited to Segways, scooters, golf carts, etc.)


Thursday – vehicles will only be allowed in at designated times to drop off Pack trailers and equipment ONLY.

Friday – vehicles will only be allowed in at designated times for guests to unload their gear only. Please drop off your gear, then move your vehicle to the parking area before you set up!

Saturday – NO vehicles will be allowed into the camping or activity area!

Sunday – vehicles will be allowed in once the gates are dropped at designated time.


Please park in the Youth Camping Parking Lot. Make sure to lock your vehicle. Make sure your Cub Family Campout Event Parking Pass is visible on your dashboard. There may be a Scouting Unit directing traffic and managing parking.



At the conclusion of the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday morning, Packs will be able to begin breaking camp and getting ready for campsite inspections.  Cars will not be allowed in the Youth Area until the event leader’s approval that it is safe to allow vehicles to enter.  This will ensure the safety of our children.


Leave No Trace: Remembering that a Cub Scout always strives to leave a campsite better than they found it, and we ask that each Pack to conduct a “Leave No Trace” walk through their campsite after breaking it down.  A dumpster will be on-site for trash disposal.  If the dumpster is full, please take your garbage home with you as they will not pick it up if there is trash beside it.  There are also dumpsters on either side of the lake as well.


Check-Out Campsite Walkthrough: Event staffers will be inspecting campsites on Sunday morning.  Once your campsite has been inspected and approved, event patches will be distributed to unit leaders, and your Pack will be given the all-clear to depart.



⮚      Report any accident or injury to event staff – even if you treated it yourself (i.e. minor cuts/scrapes)

⮚      Do not run in the Youth Area after dark or in the campsites at any time! The main cause of injury over the last several years has been tripping over tree roots while running after dark.

⮚      Bring and make use of sunscreen and insect repellent and apply often.

⮚      Make sure you and your children are well hydrated – there will be water jugs located at each activity station, it is strongly suggested that you bring a refillable water bottle or cup with you.



Have a serious injury requiring immediate assistance? Inform Event Staff! Event Staff will call 911 and Wickham Park Ranger, then the unit should be notified to get the medical form of the injured person. 



The Main Pavilion is our receiving room for the event, and it’s located inside the Youth Area.

⮚      Event Staff will be able to help you with:

â–ª       Basic First Aid

â–ª       Lost Scouts, siblings, parents, or leaders

â–ª       Lost & Found



✔   We will have a lot of new scouts, parents and leaders who may not be familiar with the BSA Safety Requirements attending this event. ALL UNITS, please ensure your scouts and parents have been briefed on BSA Safety Standards and the buddy system PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

✔    Scouts and siblings are to use the Buddy System at all times and must also inform an adult when exploring the camp/activity areas with their buddies.  Lions and Tigers should always be with their adult partners.

✔    For the enjoyment of all, please observe quiet times during scheduled hours.

✔    All Youth Protection guidelines of the BSA will be followed (i.e., no youth in a tent with any adult other than their parent, 2-deep leadership, etc)

✔    Scouts must stay within the confines of the Youth Camping Area.  Scouts should not wander into other areas of Wickham Park or into the surrounding woods.

✔    Please obey both Wickham Park staff and Cub Family Campout event staff.

✔    No profanity, alcohol, firearms, fireworks or illegal drugs allowed at any Cub Scout activity.

✔    Tobacco use and vaping is not allowed in the presence of any scouts. If you must smoke, please leave the group camping area.

✔    Throwing of knives, axes, hatchets or similar items is prohibited. No machetes, sheath knifes, or similar long-bladed items are allowed.

✔    No Scouts are to handle liquid fuel. Gas stoves may be used with adult supervision.

✔    Closed toe and heel shoes must be worn AT ALL TIMES.

✔    DO NOT DEFACE OR DAMAGE ANY TREES, BUILDINGS, ETC.  Do not break off tree limbs, even dead ones.  Do not damage or disturb any plant.  Do not use wood from Wickham Park in any fires.

✔    Do not disturb wildlife.  Wickham Park is home to many species of interesting critters, some of them even federally protected.  This is their home, not ours.  Please do not attempt to touch, capture or harass any living thing.

✔    DO NOT THROW ANYTHING (this includes pinecones!)

✔    No bad language and attitudes will be permitted!

✔    No swimming or playing in the pond is allowed.  Fishing is allowed. Yes, there are alligators in the pond.

✔   Supervision of Minor Children: Parents, guardians or other adults in charge are responsible for the supervision of minor children. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children are not allowed to play and run around through occupied campsites, play in restrooms, or play unattended at the pond area.





-       Get them psyched up and motivated for the campout!

-       Crank up your Unit’s creativity and prepare your Howl at the Moon Gateway for the Saturday Gateway Contest!

-       Make sure that you have the necessary equipment and supplies your unit will need for the weekend (canopies, cooking equipment, etc.)

-       We are looking forward to a great campfire celebration on Saturday night! Packs should put together a skit, song or run-on for the Super Campfire on Saturday night. If possible, please contact the Cub Family Campout Chair prior to the event to get your Pack on the list of entertainment. (You can also sign up at the Cracker Barrel on Friday night or at the Pavilion on Saturday.)

-       Make sure medical forms are filled out by all attendees – documents will be safe and returned. You do not need to visit the doctor or get a doctor’s signature unless there are health issues that require medical clearance to attend the event. Please complete parts A and B only (you do not need to complete part C). You will find the BSA Medical Form at http://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/parts_ab.pdf.



Anytime between Friday afternoon and Noon on Saturday – Packs may decorate their Pack Camp Entrance with a Howl at the Moon-themed Gateway.  Gateways and decorations must be age appropriate, tasteful, nothing too scary. Must be done by Noon on Saturday for judging. There will be prizes given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.



Get those campsites ready! Judging will begin at noon on Saturday and be performed by our District Commissioners.


When & Where
Wickham Park
Friday 10-08-2021 2:00 PM ET to
Sunday 10-10-2021 1:00 PM ET
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