Central Florida Council - Eagle Week 2024

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Scouts of different units including Scouts BSA Troops for Boys/Girls sharing a Chartering Organization, CANNOT be registered together under the same registration number. A seperate registration must be created.

The reason for this is due to Merit Badge Record keeping for the Scouts, and in order to accurately place all participants in the appropriate campsite. (If two registrations are not created as directed, you may loose yor booking, so please help us make your visit to camp an enjoyable one!)

Eagle Week 2024
July 07, 2024 12:00 PM: Session 1: Eagle Week 2024 (A/C Accommodations)
Camp La-No-Che

Youth Male
Waitlist Only
Cost: $375.00
Youth Female
4 Remaining
(waitlist available)
Cost: $375.00
Staff Adult
8 Remaining
(waitlist available)
Cost: $0.00

Youth Remaining

Adult Remaining

Other Remaining

Youth Female Remaining

Youth Male Remaining

Registration Closes: Fri 06-28-2024 11:59 PM.