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Merit Badges @Home Term 6

Event Details

Work on merit badges from the comfort of your home! In an effort to help support Scouts and families as our communities are practicing social distancing, National Capital Area Council will be offering Merit Badge programs ONLINE!

These programs make a great supplement to ongoing online schooling efforts. They also help Troops, Crews, and Ships continue their program while avoiding in-person activities. For all badges, Scouts are encouraged to earn (or renew) their Cyber Chip ahead of time. 


Select from only ONE of the sessions listed. Unless otherwise noted, classes run two days a week for two weeks. (Monday & Thursday, Tuesday & Friday, or Wednesday & Saturday) 

Session 6, June 8 - June 20:

  • Robotics: Monday & Thursday, 4-5pm 
  • Safety: Monday & Thursday, 5-6pm
  • Public Health: Monday & Thursday, 5-6pm
  • American Business: Monday & Thursday, 7-8pm
  • Programming: Tuesday & Friday, 5-6pm​
  • American Cultures: Tuesday & Friday, 7-8pm
  • Art: Wednesday & Saturday, 4-5pm
  • Citizenship in the Nation: Wednesday & Saturday, 7-8pm
  • Public Health: Wednesday & Saturday, 8-9pm

Check back often for updated sessions each week with new badges!

Once registered, Scouts will receive a link to log on; Scouts will use that link each day to access live instruction from a registered Merit Badge Counselor. Session links will be e-mailed no less than 24-hours before your scheduled session.

Scouts will have "homework" each day to complete before the next day's session. They will turn in their homework and communicate with the instructor via Basecamp.

Blue Cards will be provided digitally after the course is over. All courses have a $10 fee to cover online access.


Are there any prerequisites for the merit badge classes?

There are no prerequisites for any of the online merit badges classes. 

What if all the classes are sold out?

Don't fret! Classes are held every two weeks. If you miss the current registration please check back on this webpage or the Council's Facebook page for upcoming registrations.

Is there a waitlist? 

We no longer offer a waitlist in an effort to give every Scout/Scouter the opportunity to register in real time. 

Can two (or more) Scouts use the same computer?

Yes! Each should register with a separate email so we can track each Scouts progress, but they may share a computer for each day’s session. They will each have a chance to mark themselves “present” during daily attendance. 

How many classes can I sign up for at one time?

Each Scout is permitted to sign up for ONE merit badge class per session.

Do we need a camera and microphone?

We strongly prefer that you use a device that has both of a camera and a microphone. A phone-in option will be provided. Scouts will be participating in discussions and need to be actively engaged. Audio participation is a requirement, video participation is highly encouraged. 

What meeting platform is the Council using?

We are using the ZOOM meeting platform which also has an app that works on smart phones and tablets. Before you begin your class please test your connection in advance – Test Zoom. If you need additional training on how to use Zoom please visit Zoom training videos –

How will they get their “blue card” Merit Badge Applications?

Our registration system (through BlackPug Software) helps us track everyone’s progress and provides printable “blue cards” that we will e-mail to each family after the Merit Badge is complete.

How will Youth Protection and “no one-on-one contact” be maintained?

When Scouts arrive for a merit badge, they will be placed into an online waiting room. Once the counselor determines that multiple Scouts are present, they will be admitted. We are encouraging parents to stay within earshot to monitor their Scouts activities. We also strongly advise that the Scout completes their Cyber Chip before taking online classes or that you complete the activities in the program that involve Scout and parent. We’ve disabled many communications tools such as private chat while enabling requirements for all participant to register. Other communication is done through a Basecamp project, which you are encouraged to access.

When will I receive instructions from my Merit Badge Counselor?

You will receive your instructions from your Merit Badge Counselor 24 hours before class begins, if you have not received it don’t fret some Counselors will send the instructions the day of. Instructions will include all necessary links and platforms needed for the class. Please check your junk mail, sometimes the email classifies the opt-in link email as junk mail.
Can I register if I am not an NCAC Scout?

Absolutely! Please be aware of the time zone difference if you live out of state. NCAC is in the Washington D.C. metro area which is Eastern Standard Time (EST).
Will there be more classes and more of a variety of merit badges?

Yes, we will be providing new classes every week until further notice and as we receive more counselors, more classes will be provided. If you are a registered Merit Badge Counselor and are interested in instructing a class please visit


Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

For more information and updates on the current COVID-19 situation and how Council operations are impacted, visit

When & Where
Robotics Term 6
Monday 06-08-2020 4:00 PM ET to 5:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Public Health Term 6
Monday 06-08-2020 5:00 PM ET to 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Safety Term 6
Monday 06-08-2020 5:00 PM ET to 6:00 PM ET Past
More Information

American Business Term 6
Monday 06-08-2020 7:00 PM ET to 8:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Programming Term 6
Tuesday 06-09-2020 5:00 PM ET to 6:45 PM ET Past
More Information

American Cultures Term 6
Tuesday 06-09-2020 7:00 PM ET to 8:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Art Term 6
Wednesday 06-10-2020 4:00 PM ET to 5:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Citizenship in the Nation Term 6
Wednesday 06-10-2020 7:00 PM ET to 8:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Public Health Term 6
Wednesday 06-10-2020 8:00 PM ET to 9:00 PM ET Past
More Information